FREE Lace Fringe Infinity Scarf Pattern

FREE Lace Infinity Fringe Scarf Pattern

FREE Lace Fringe Infinity Scarf Pattern

As I’m sitting down here with my warm cup of coffee, I’m wearing this ever-so-soft scarf as I type. This scarf works up VERY quick and as usual, one uses one skein of yarn ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a great scarf to whip up as your catching up on your evening TV shows or waiting for the kids for school, since it doesn’t take much thought once you get going. (If you’re like me, I tend to get distracted very easily! ๐Ÿ˜› )

This scarf uses a plain trellis stitch through out. Which gives the scarf a nice open and lace look to it. If you haven’t done a plain trellis stitch before, head over and watch this video from New Stitch a Day. They do an amazing job with slowly explaining each step of achieving a plain trellis stitch. Check out the videoย here.

Now, let’s get on to the pattern! ๐Ÿ™‚

Lace Fringe Infinity Scarf

* You may sell finished products from this pattern, but please make sure you link back to my blog in order to give myself proper credit. Please be considerate and not copy this pattern as your own.

Free Lace Fringe Infinity Scarf Pattern

Level: Beginner

Materials needed:
Yarn โ€“ (One Skein) Big Twist Premium Chunky Yarn in โ€œSeabreeze” or and (5) yarn.
Size K 6.5mm crochet hook.
Yarn needle to weave in ends.
Tape measure.
Optional: Stitch counter.

Abbreviations used:
SC-Single Crochet
Sl St-Slip Stitch


Foundation: Ch 27 +3, SC in the 2nd Ch from your hook. Continue to SC in each Ch across, turn
Row 1: Create your first set of trellis stitches. *Ch 5, Sk 3Ch, 1SC in the next Ch*. Repeat * then turn your work.
Row 2: *Ch 5, then SC in the next 5 Ch arch*. Repeat * until the end. Turn your work.
Row 3-54: Repeat row 2 until your infinity scarf is a comfortable length that wraps around your neck twice.

At this point, feel free to add a few rows or take away some if you feel like you don’t want your scarf to be as long. For a kids version, simply take away some rows, to where it will comfortably fit them! ๐Ÿ™‚

Row 55: Join the two ends of the scarf together by creating 5 Sl Sts in each arch. Then Sl St 3 in the last and smaller arch.
Row 56: From where you finished joining the two ends, Ch 1 and then SC in each St around the outside of the scarf. This will create a finished edge to your scarf.
Fasten off, and weave in ends.

Making the fringe: Now on the side opposite from where you added the SC edge, we are going to add some fun fringe! To do this, simply cut two 8in yarn strands for every other stitch/arch around. You should have 27 sets of fringe around the outside of your scarf, (give or take a few if you added or subtracted a few rows back in row 54).

Lastly, tie the fringe around the edge in every other stitch/arch. Do this by folding the 8in yarn pieces in half, and loping the ends through.

Now you’re all done! You have another lace and lightweight scarf to style and wear this Summer! Don’t forget to follow me on my social media escapades listed in the side bar and I will see you all next time!

Let me know how you liked this pattern, and what your favorite thing is to crochet during the warm Summer months! ๐Ÿ™‚


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