FREE Puff Stitch Cowl Pattern

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FREE Puff Stitch Cowl Pattern

There are many things I enjoy in life, one of them being quick and easy patterns with ONE skein of yarn. As we all know, I have a HUGE obsession with scarves. Like, two dresser drawers full of scarfs! (Told you I was obsessed..) Therefore it’s no surprise that this is what my second pattern came out to be. It’s very easy to follow along and only takes about an hour to complete. Did I mention it’s only 8 rows?! Perfect for a Sunday afternoon project!

I fell in love with this super chunky sage green yarn after browsing the many yarn aisles at Joann-Fabrics. I’m really liking the Big Twist Premium yarns lately. They’re super affordable and I have no problem with the fibers separating on me, even when using this super bulky weighted yarn. I love more earth-toned colors, but feel free to use any color or super bulky (6) yarn to follow along with this pattern.

Yarn Used - Big Twist in Premium Sage

This pattern requires a puff stitch as the main stitch for this pattern. Don’t be scared, it’s super easy to do!

Follow these three simple steps on how to make a puff, and you’re on your way.
(Of course if you already know how to do this stitch, continue on down to the pattern!)

Step 1: Yarn over, then yarn over three more times into the same chain. After completing this, you should have a total of 7 stitches on your hook.

Popcornstitch Cowl - Step 1 For Popcorn Stitch

Step 2:
 Yarn over and pull through ALL 7 stitches on your hook. This can be tricky, so make sure that when you yarn over from the previous step, that you aren’t making them too tight. You should now be left with one stitch on your hook. Here’s what you should be left with:

Popcornsitch Cowl - Step 2
Step 3: You’re almost there! Now, all you need to do is one chain crochet to “lock” your puff stitch into place. There you go, you just did your first puff stitch! Feel free to make a few chains and practice this stitch, until you feel comfortable with it. Then move onto the pattern below!

* You may sell finished products from this pattern, but please make sure you link back to my blog in order to give myself proper credit. Please be considerate and not copy this pattern as your own. 

FREE Popcorn Stitch Cowl Pattern

Level: Beginner

Materials needed:
Yarn – (One Skein) Big Twist Natural Blend Yarn in “Natural Blend Sage” or any super bulky (6) yarn.
Size M 9.0mm crochet hook.
Yarn needle to weave in ends,
Optional: Stitch counter.

Abbreviations used:
Pf St-Puff Stitch
SC-Single Crochet
Sl St-Slip Stitch


Foundation: Ch 45 then Sl St to the first chain.

Poprnstitch Cowl - Cast On

Row 1: Ch 2 then sk 1 ch. Then *Pf St ch 2, repeat * all the way around. Sl St to the first St, so they’re joined together.
Row 2-7: Ch 2 then * Pf St ch 2, Pf St ch 2. Repeat * all the way around and Sl St to join together.

Popcornstitch Cowl - Row 1 and 2
Row 8: Ch 1 and SC in each stitch around. Join together with a Sl St.

Fasten off, and weave in ends. Enjoy your new easy and cozy cowl!

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