About Me

About Me

Hey there, and welcome my fellow creative minds!

I hope you’re able to gain inspiration in many ways throughout my blog. Whether that would be through crochet patterns, DIY projects, a new recipe or simply life in general!

But first, here’s a little about me:

I graduated from high school in Michigan in the year 2012, (yes I am young, at the ripe age of 21!) Two months after graduating from high school, I packed up my bags and moved across the country to Washington state. No, I’m not crazy, there was a reason behind my madness. That reason being my boyfriend (now husband), received orders to the rainy state as his first duty station with the United States Air Force.


My husband an I got married on October 11, 2014 and it was the happiest day of my life. We have been together since 2009 and yes, you guessed it, we’re high school sweethearts! I love sharing my crazy ideas with him, traveling to new places or simply hanging out and binge watching Netflix. (Come on, everyone does it!)


Fast forward a year to 2013, where I started going to school at Brighton College. An all online institute for more small and specialized certificates or Associates degrees. In July of 2015, I graduated from Brighton College with my Associates degree in Health Service Management. Well now, once again fast forward to real time and I’m currently a student at Arizona State University for my Bachelors of  Science with a concentration in Healthy Lifestyles Coaching. Further reading into my blog, you’ll see posts that are designed all around the overall wellness of life. I think it’s so important to be physically and mentally healthy, which means finding your balance in life and what you truly enjoy! I’m so excited that I can pair my blog in with my healthy lifestyle and be able to help you all as well! I personally love helping and giving advice to the best of my ability. My family and husband always tell me I should have went to school to me a psychiatrist,therapist.. but let’s be for real, I NEED to be doing something creative or expressing myself!

Some of the things I enjoy:

Being in the rainy state of Washington, I found myself eager to find a hobby that I can do indoors. One day I picked up two wooden knitting needles, sat at my computer desk, opened up YouTube, and was determined to teach myself how to knit. I (surprisingly) picked up on it rather quickly and slowly ventured over to the one hooked side of things. Yes, that means crocheting! While I still love to knit, I find my true passion behind one hook, a new pattern and a ball of yarn; I love crocheting! Also, I love to create anything and everything I possibly can. Whether that would be to DIY a canvas painting for our living room, a new recipe to try or simply coloring in my adult coloring books, (they’re addicting!) Writing has always been something I loved to do. It’s a way to express yourself other than being creative in a hands-on way. Creating this blog has always been something I dreamed about doing, ever since moving to Washington. I’m SO happy I finally took the leap to create The Creative Wife Life!

I can’t wait to share more tidbits of my life with you all! Through the creative times and not, thank you for stopping by to learn more about myself!