FREE Puff Stitch Coral & Floral Headband Pattern

Floral Headband Cover Page

FREE Puff Stitch Coral & Floral Headband Pattern

Puff stitches are so very easy to do once you get the hang of it! I really love creating patterns around this unique-looking stitch lately, maybe you could tell from my previous pattern. (To view my previous puff stitch cowl pattern click here, where I show you how to create a puff stitch that will also be used with this pattern!) This pattern is for an adult size headband, but if you’d like to make one for your little, just measure their head with a measuring tape and adjust the foundation chain to fit that length. Easy-peasy! There are two parts to this pattern, one for the headband portion, and one for the simple crochet flower. Feel free to add a bow, button or anything else as well in place of the flower, all would look wonderful!
Now let’s get started!

Once again, I’m back at it using my favorite brand of yarn lately! That’s right, I’m using two skeins total of Big Twist Premium (4) Yarns. One  in “Premium Salmon” and one in “Premium Sixties Stripes”. Feel free to use any color combinations you’d like or any worst-weight or (4) yarn.
Yarn For Headband

 * You may sell finished products from this pattern, but please make sure you link back to my blog in order to give myself proper credit. Please be considerate and not copy this pattern as your own. 

FREE Puff Stitch Coral & Floral Headband Pattern

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Materials needed:
Yarn – (One Skein) Big Twist Premium Yarn in “Premium Salmon” and one skein in “Premium Sixties Stripes”.
Size I 5.5mm crochet hook.
Yarn needle to weave in ends.
Tape measure.
Optional: Stitch counter.

Abbreviations used:
DC-Double Crochet
FDC-Front Double Crochet
BDC-Back Double Crochet
PfSt-Puff Stitch
SC-Single Crochet
Sl St-Slip Stitch


Foundation: Ch 60 then Sl St to the first chain. (Note: Be sure to measure your head with a tape measure before hand so you know how many chains to make in your foundation.
Row 1: Ch 1, then SC in each St around. Sl St to the first St then turn your work.
Row 2: Ch 2, then Sk the next St after the Ch 2. *PfSt Ch 1, Sk 1 Ch* Repeat * around then Sl St to the first St, turn your work.
Row 3-7: Ch 2, then Sk the next St after the Ch 2. *Pf St Ch 1* in the spaces of the previous rows’ Ch 1 space. Repeat * around, then Sl St to the first St, turn your work.
Floral Headband Step 1
Row 8: Ch 1, then SC in each St across. Sl St together. Weave in ends. (Optional: Sl St along the top edge after Row 8.)

Simple Crochet Flower Pattern

Foundation: Ch 6, then Sl St together.
Row 1: Ch 2 then DC 12, starting in the middle of the Ch 6, all the way around. Sl St to the first DC.

Here’s what that completed should be looking like:
Flower Step 2
Row 2: Working in only the front loops of the double crochets, *Sl St, Ch 2, 2 DC, Ch 2, Sl St then Sl St to the next FDC* all in the first front loop of the previous rows’ first double crochet. Repeat * in all 12 DC’s across and Sl St the last petal to the first petal’s Sl St.

Here’s what you should be working with:
Flwoer Step 3
Row 3: Now turn over your flower and we’ll be working in the back loops that we left out the first time. *Sl St, Ch 2, 5 DC, Ch 2, Sl St then Sk 1 BDC* Repeat * all the way around, until you have 6 completed petals behind the first set. Sl St to the first petal and leave a 12 in tail, so it can be attached to your puff stitch headband!

Here’s what your flower should be looking like, from the back side while completing Row 3:
Flower Step 5

You did it, you finished your simple crochet flower! You finished product should look something like this. Feel free to add a button to finish off your flower, before we put it on the headband!
Flower Step 4

Finishing Touches & Putting it all together
Now all you need to do is sew your simple flower, to your puff stitch headband. Preferably, do this along the seam of your headband, covering it up and making your headband look seamless and flawless!
Floral Headband

I hope you all loved this pattern as much I do! Be sure to share with your fellow crochet lovers via Pinterest and let me know if you try this pattern! 🙂