Top 10 Crochet Tools You Need To Feel Like A Pro

Top Crochet Tools

When I first started my crochet journey, I was overwhelmed with all the different little plastic rings, needles and hooks down the crocheting aisle. I wish there was someone who could tell me what tools I needed from the beginning, and what worked the best. Being a self-taught crocheter, I had to figure it out for myself. Now after two years, I think I’ve tried every crochet gadget there is and now I’m here to share with you the top 10 must haves if you want to venture into crocheting. (Some may surprise you!)

  1. 1. A place for all your crochet hooks. You may be thinking now, “why, I won’t have THAT many hooks!” Well.. you will be pleasantly surprised at how many crochet hooks you will accumulate as you crochet addiction grows. You’ll start to find hooks that went missing under the couch cushions, in the bottom of your purse or in your skein of yarn. With crochet hooks being fairly inexpensive for the aluminium ones, you’ll find it’s hand to keep a few of each size hook on hand. With all that being said, I like to use a car to keep in my craft room/office. That way it’s easy to see what hook I’ll need for my next project. And when I take my projects with me, I like to use a little zip pouch to keep my hooks in.


2. A stitch counter. Stitch counters are a lifesaver! They’re perfect for all the times when you think you’ve lost track of what row you’re currently working on. You can grab on for less than $7 on Amazon, get it here. It’s simple and gets the job done.

3. Bobby pins. Yes, that’s right bobby pins for crocheting. I’ve learned over the past years that these little guys are great to help keep your work together. (Especially when sewing together granny squares!) They’re cheap and you probably already have them all over your house. They make a great stitch marker, too!

4. A ‘Crochet Pocket Guide’. This is great for looking up stitches when a pattern calls for one you can’t remember. It’s also great if you are a self-taught crocheter like myself. The diagrams inside are easy to follow and go step-by-step.  It’s a brochure style so it’s light weight to carry with you if you’re taking your current project on the go with you. I picked up this one from Amazon a couple years ago, and for under $5 you can’t beat the price!

5. A binder. This may sound like a silly one as well, but if you’re going to be on the hunt for free patterns across the web and Pinterest, I promise you it’s so worth it to have. You essentially make your own pattern book! Just make sure you get the clear inserts to keep the printables patterns in and you’re golden. I myself, have two of my own pattern books and it’s SO nice to be able to go back and easily know where I can find a pattern. (Another promise, it’s a ton better then hunting on your Pinterest board for a pattern you remember seeing last week!)

6. Plastic or metal yarn needles. Some people have a preference between metal or plastic needles to weave in the ends of their works, but either will work. These are a key essential because remember don’t knot the ends of your work! You risk the knots coming undone and losing your project 🙁 These are my favorite yarn needles currently, they’ve held up and never broke on me. You can get a pack of two on Amazon! Get my favorite plastic yarn needles here.

7. A tiny pair of scissors. You have no idea how many times my husband has wanted to kill me for taking the kitchen scissors to use for my crochet addiction. That’s why a tiny pair of scissors are a must. They can go with you in your yarn bag, and will always be handy for when you need ’em! You can find these at any local craft shop, usually down the sewing aisle.

9. A designated yarn bag and yarn notebook! I love my yarn bag I have from YarnMamas! It’s my own little place to keep all my current projects in, that I can take easily with me to work so I can crochet through out the day when there’s time. If you’re interested in your own bag check them out at  I also recommend in your yarn bag that you keep a little notebook. That way you can keep notes about how to do a certain stitch, notes about a new pattern, write your own pattern or a list of patterns you want to try next. You’ll feel SO organized when you have your own spot for your crochet notes. I got my adorable and sleek crochet notebook from Joann Fabrics (extra bonus that it was on sale for $2.97! 🙂 )


Last but not least..

10. Stitch markers! You can go pick up a pack of about 20 plastic ones from any local craft or yarn store, but I would highly recommend to check out Etsy for more personalized stitch markers! When I was searching around earlier, I found these ones from the shop needleclicksEtc. They’re adorable! It’s always fun to find some that are your style and taste. Makes crocheting just that more fun and relaxing. 🙂


Well my crochet lovers, those are my go-to’s when it comes to crocheting! I hope you could take away a few good tips from this post and add a few more useful crochet tools to your collection of goodies. Let me know what your go-to crochet tool is! 🙂

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